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The South Flank mine development is a flagship project of BHP located in the Pilbara region of Western Australia and will be the successor to the Yandi mine. Producing 80mtpa output by 2021, it will be the largest production ore mine BHP has developed. The development includes more than 20km of overland conveyors and a major ore processing facility. BIM Drafting was contracted to provide fabrication documentation for steel structures and platework weighing in excess of 15,000 tonnes which included the production of 250,000 drawings. Increasing the already challenging scale of this mammoth Project, the execution team aimed to deliver the engineering via a 3D model-based workflow to a level of detail that, until now, had never before been accomplished in the Western Australian mining sector. This ambitious strategy promised to reduce the volume of traditional design documentation by residing the engineering deliverables in the same environment as shop detailed 3D models. In early 2018 BIM Drafting was selected by Jacobs/BHP to assist in finalising the design modelling process and perform the bulk of the shop detailing scope. Relishing the obvious challenge, the team soon found need to think and act well outside established design modelling and shop detailing processes. In addition to completing design modelling and generating fabrication deliverables, the volume of nonconventional data processed by BIM required entirely new systems and dedicated teams to be developed in quick time.




Pilbara, WA


Building Information Modelling, Shop Detailing