We provide a comprehensive range of Cloudpoint Laser Scanning services, aimed at delivering increased productivity and safety, while reducing the need for multiple site visits and remeasure.

Cloudpoint Laser Scanning allows for fast, high precision data capture of as-built environments. Producing rich, functional output data, cloudpoint scans can be utilized for a variety of deliverables, from basic 3D model files through to photo realistic 3D renders, animations and VR walkthroughs.


Establishing the precise locations & geometries of site structures and assets, our cloudpoint services are utilized by Project Managers, Engineers and Maintenance teams for a myriad of applications including As-Built Surveys, Brownfield Expansions, Volumetric Measurements, Reverse Engineering etc.


BIM utilizes Class 1 laser scanners, allowing our survey teams to be deployed safely, without the need to restrict access to the area while scanning is underway.



With an effective range of up to 350m, a single scan can be completed within just 15 minutes.


Ingesting up to 976,000 data points per second, our scanners are accurate to within 1mm.


Combining advanced processing software with data rich capture files, deliverable options are endless.


As-Built Documentation

Comprehensive as-built surveys, documentation & model to cloudpoint comparison.

Historical Preservation

Non-invasive data capture of historical locations and monuments for study, dilapidation and preservation.

Volume surveys

Fast capture of volumetric data for stockpile analysis, environmental reports etc.

Brownfield Planning

We assist Designers & Engineers in ensuring a smooth execution of site modifications & expansions.

Reverse Engineering

Development of view-only and smart 3D Models from existing site equipment and facilities.

Wear Analysis

Detailed wear analysis for a myriad of applications such as Liners, Chutes and Conveyors.

Deformation surveys

Systematic monitoring of structures and assets, tracking movement and deformation.

Virtual Reality

Digitization of real-world objects and spaces to create immersive, life like VR walkthroughs.


The applications for Cloudpoint technology are endless.

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